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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 14, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for great videos and the stories behind them, "right this minute." think being a rally race driver is dangerous? why it's not as risky as being a race photographer. >> wait. >> a special delivery has two boys excited. >> thinking who sent us this box? >> what happens when the wrapping comes off and somebodies comes out. >> hey. >> the tale of a masked burglar comes within -- >> oh, so stupid. >> how cops say this selfie led
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to this mug shot. plus, how to win a new ipad mini. and a guy is creeping around. >> walking down the sidewalk here. got his hood up. >> see what was going down in the dark. >> to the norway championship rally. keep an eye on this ford fiesta coming around this corner. >> oh! >> got to screw in those bolts. >> lost one of its front wheels. did you notice where the tire was going. >> right at the camera man. >> does it hit? uh-huh. >> good cameraman. follow the action, didn't worry about his own safety. >> exactly what he was doing. doesn't seem like he even realized the tire had come off the car. turns around to keep following the action as he's supposed to do. instead getting wiped out by the tires. >> couldn't have felt good. that tire is heavy and going pretty quickly, rolling right
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for you, and i bet the karm all in his face, probably got a black eye. >> that happens to these guys all the time, every day debris flying, but they stay on point. >> not throw stuff at them. >> another angle that shows when he was hit. >> that looks like it killed him. i can't believe he got back up. >> the camera flies off, he goes on the ground. sore shoulder and apparently a bruise on his stomach but he's getting a laugh out of it. listen to this. >> he had it on his shoulder which i didn't realize. had it on his shoulder and that kind of gave him a blindside on the right side of his face. he could see the car but he couldn't see the tire coming. that's how it got him. what we have here really, oh, so stupid, this fella, if you look closely in the surveillance footage from outside a market in kentucky you can see he's got a really sneaky white mask on. he used a crowbar to break into
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this market. once he gets inside he then comes out with all kinds of goods. in fact, police say he allegedly stole rifles, handguns, knives, cigarettes, chicago tobacco and snacks. police were able to find this yahoo! about 17 hours after this robbery was committed. police think the guy that committed this crime was 28-year-old kevin lawson. probably thinking why did they think it was this guy? he took a selfie and posted it on facebook. >> no. even dumber. >> he took a selfie with his cell phone and when cops came to his front door, he let them search his phone and this, my friends, was i think enough evidence to arrest the man and charge him with burglary and criminal mischief. >> how can he be so dumb? >> thank goodness they caught him. that's a lot of guns he's hauling out. >> thank goodness and police say they recovered 99% of the items
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these coming home videos never get old. the first one from william dollar. he's surprising his daughter at school. there she is in the library. she doesn't know who's walking behind her. watch. >> the scream and then the hug. the long hug like the best kind. she keeps hugging daddy, won't let him go. the tears coming down her eyes, about three minutes this hug lasts. >> you would never guess that's where dad would be. in the library trying to get books or whatever, bottle of water, and suddenly there he is, are you kidding me? >> like daddy's home. >> i'm glad they catch this on camera because later in life, at her wedding or whenever, they will be able to watch this again and remember this feeling. >> that's not his only child. they did it to his son but his son was called to the principal's office over the p.a.
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system. he thought he was in trouble. that's when everybody goes oh! he comes to the office like oh, man. so he's sitting in front of the principal. here comes dad, william dollar, again. he's like oh, man. he just drops his head because he's so happy to see dad. and he gives him a long hug. >> who's that. >> who's that? >> noah and gavin get a surprise because their dad had been gone in afghanistan for eight months. >> so long. >> he and his wife kayla parker set up an elaborate reveal. here are the two boys talking about daddy, thinking, who sent us this box? >> do you think daddy sent it? >> yeah. >> both of the boys get very excited because they want to open it. first, they've got a message for daddy. >> i miss you daddy. >> they're cute little boys. look at the dimples. >> oh, yeah. >> say hey, daddy. >> hey daddy. >> can you guess where daddy is?
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>> oh. >> when you're so young, eight months is a long time. >> well done guy. thank you for your service. hey, everybody. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> i'm sure you're going to need a buzzword and twitter account. it's easy to create one. >> the buzzword is coming up in a little bit. you have to be at least 18 years old and u.s. resident to enter. >> stand by for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> a big part of the sport of motor cross is just flying through the air, right? that's the whole idea. keep your eye on the guy up ahead here right in the middle. looks like he's wearing an orange jersey. >> oh! >> did he get caught in the tree? >> this poor guy seems to just go blasting right through what was supposed to be a right-hand turn. uses that turn as a launch ramp and gets blasted into the trees. the guy that unloaded this video believes that the rider who we saw go off the track, had some
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sort of exhaustion in his arms. some people call it arm pump. this guy called it whiskey throttle. holding on to the handle bars so long you almost get into a locked position. the rider that has the helmet cam believes that the guy who crashed just was so locked up, he couldn't even turn the throttle back off and just went straight off the track. the guy did break five vertebrae and a few ribs. he is okay now, though. he made a complete recovery. >> the most dangerous roundabout in london. loads of traffic here. >> now the guy driving this van says this is the most dangerous roundabout in london for cyclists. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, no. >> a guy who was saying it was a dangerous roundabout is the one who rear-ended the motorcyclist. >> trying to do something differen
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different. >> [ bleep ]. >> doesn't pay attention, doesn't see the guy stopped, the red light, rear ends him. >> maybe he should stop talking to his passenger. >> this is the most dangerous roundabout in london for cyclists. >> oh, [ bleep ]. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> the dog may be blind, but -- >> guess what? keller can play catch. >> turn around. >> see how use the hot/cold method has him fetching like a pro. >> warmer, hot. good boy. >> and it's a magic trick that has kids begging for more. >> watch this. >> what? >> that's a great trick. >> now the big question is -- >> how do you do that? >> been practicing. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again?
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a fitting gift for mother's day. this is what one family found under their deck. newly hatched robins. there's the robin bringing them some food. they open their mouths and the feeding begins. >> that's cool they put the camera under there to catch this interaction without disturbing the big birds and the robin. >> then finally, mom sits on them, keeping them warm. >> we go from birds to this dog. these videos were posted last summer but they are trending for obvious reasons. this dog is very special. you see, this is keller, he is a 3-year-old english springer.
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he was born completely blind. >> he's completely blind. guess what? dell keller can play catch. listen to the command they give keller. >> turn around. hot. good boy. >> keller gets close, they will say hot or cold. that's how they taught him how to fetch. >> you're hot. warmer. hot. >> they added other instructions like warmer or pass it so keller would know which direction to run. >> passed it. warmer. warmer. hot. good boy. >> that's crazy. >> that's awesome. >> holy mackerel. >> goes to show you nothing can hold you back as long as you just believe in what you're doing then you can do just about anything. >> warmer. passed it. hot. good boy.
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>> dad took responsibility for moms over the weekend, mother's day could have used this trick to keep their kids entertained. >> watch this. you want me to take her out? >> how do you do that? >> what? >> that's a great trick. >> isn't it awesome? this is rich ferguson. we know he's a very good magician. >> whoa. >> watch this. >> how do you do that? >> oh, look at their faces. the kids are amazed. >> this is so much better than you have a quarter behind your ear trick. >> watch this. >> yes, you can. >> he pulled a cookie out. >> look at the boy's face when he gets a cookie. look at his eyes. >> best cookie ever. >> yes. magic cookie. >> clearly he has the thing behind the phone but what's impressing me is the -- how does he get the phone to turn on? >> the phone is never off.
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he actually shows us how to pull off this trick. >> i have a blank shot and then a shot of the item and then another blank shot. i want to be able to make the first one appear by simply swipingp . this will disappear swiping but while pulling the object hidden from the back with it. it gives the illusion something comes out of the phone. >> he's been practicing. >> when you pull the stick, i've got -- >> pull it out with this hand. >> grab the phone. go the other way. >> i go like this. and then i go -- >> like that. >> that's how. >> i see. >> you want to do it? watch this. here we go. watch it. ready, watch. there's one for you too, look. >> if you're a fan of that stomach dropped feeling and you like to go to theme parks, there's a new ride for you. >> oh.
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>> called the break away falls in orlando. it is behind the scenes video shows you how you go up 126 steps and then four choices of water slides. >> no way. >> yeah. >> no way. no way. >> come on, this looks like fun. four choices to face your fear. choose the three break away castles where you get in and the floor just drops away from you and you go plummeting down. here's what it looks like from inside the capsule. see the floor below and the floor pops open and away you go. you can choose the purple slide where you can traditionally get into the slide by itself, you know, but it's the steepest one of the three. >> that's even worse. mean people. >> you see a bunch of people get into the three capsules and the door closes. >> that's awful. >> and the ride operator won't tell you when you're about to launch. >> oh. >> push the button. >> doesn't give you a countdown? >> getting pushed down a giant
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toilet. >> that girl taking in the scenery and before you know it she's gone. >> musical hair. >> literally. >> is still attached to his head. >> next "right this minute." and still to come. a birthday gift got this cutie so excited that -- >> he forget to use his words. >> what the [ bleep ] is this. >> oh! wait. >> the story behind the priceless reaction. >> plus, a game with the dog goes wrong. >> they did not see this coming. >> and tuesday's buzzword you need for a shot at winning an ipad mini.
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closed captioning provided by -- when you're a 6-year-old, there's probably nothing better than getting a surprise gift from grandma. >> open it. >> this is 6-year-old birthday
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boy bruce and his little brother rex. they're opening the surprise gift from grandma. >> holy crap. >> oh, wow. >> what is it? >> it's a teenage mutant ninja turtle lego set. >> that's a good gift. >> bruce had been wanting this since christmas. asked for it at christmas and didn't get it. grandma to the rescue found the toy, gets it for bruce for his birthday. >> i mean, rusty. >> you know he's excited. >> little brother rex excite the. he's going to get to play with it. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> so cool. >> oh, this is really cool, right right. >> it's great to see him excited. this would be a great video even if it ended right there. oh, no this gets so much better. >> what the [ bleep ] is this? >> oh. wait.
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what? >> what the [ bleep ] is this? >> we don't know where he learned it. kids are like sponges at that age. they'll pick up anything. listen to that again. he says it like he has used that phrase before. >> what the [ bleep ] is this? okay. >> that's a bad word. >> dad dies laughing. >> dad behind the camera, name is miles, and he is laughing but he's like wait, that's a bad word. that's a bad word. >> what do you say to grandma? >> thank you grandma. >> oh, the craziness our pets have to endure for our entertainment. in the juken video check out this cute pooch, playing around with his friend here. does get excited about anything, as long as you're playing with them, whatever. looks like it's a purple towel or blanket. they shake it. he gets so excited and then really close so they throw it on him.
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>> hey. >> they did not see this coming. >> oh! >> poor dog. blinded by the blanket ended up going right down the stairs. >> oh. i shouldn't laugh. i'm not laughing. i'm not laughing. that was terrible. >> it was so excited to be playing and before you know it, he's rolling down the stairs. >> oh. >> i'm falling down the stairs. >> is he okay? >> think ate it this way, he has short legs and a stocky body so he probably just kind of rolled. he didn't really fall. >> even though you do hear a solid thump at the bottom of the stairs they say he is totally fine. you could tell the girls felt really bad. >> yeah. >> they should play this game at the bottom of the stairs from now on. >> all right. everybody, we have another ipad mini to giveaway right this minute. >> all you need is a twitter account and it's easy to get one when you enter. >> enter on our website go to and click on the win an ipad mini button and
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then enter today's buzzword. >> let's reveal tuesday's buzzword. it's umbrella. >> get over to "right this minute" and click on a win an ipad mini button and enter tuesday's buzzword, umbrella, that's umbrel-m-b-r-e-l-l-au-m-. >> if you don't win today, we're giving away another tomorrow and remember to follow us on twitter. >> good luck, everybody. dudes in the car see that something is about to go down outside. so -- >> they preempted him and sent him packing. >> the dirty act that put the culprit on blast. >> look at his face.
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dog: get four years get four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection, even a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497. the memorial day sale is ending soon.
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that much. >> baby chinchilla play. ♪
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honking a horn at somebody can usually scare the crap out of them. opposite effect on this guy. this guy walking down the sidewalk here, got his hood up. goes into this darkness right here and is about to do his business. >> he was pooping in the yard? >> about to poo in front of that building. these people sitting there with a dash cam waiting in the dark and then wham. >> what's the story behind this? it was like they knew. >> i think he's cutting a log building for a while. they evidently found a few. >> yeah. >> they knew what was about to happen here, so they preempted him and sent him packing.
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>> this mystery pooper scared to death. >> the look on his face. he was like -- all right. >> gayle is falling out of her chair. >> this is a good one. >> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got great videos from the web, right here, "right this minute." it's a fitting tribute to a young gear head. >> who was 19 years old. he recently died of leukemia. >> the story behind the burnout that helped a community say good-bye. >> take it out of my hand. >> if you offer new yorkers a dollar. >> how many people will take it? >> the surprising freebie they'd rather have instead. >> that plane is going down. but this is not -- >> what you think. >> a plane crash


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